The Staff Council was established in 1970 to represent the University of Pittsburgh staff (excluding those covered by a collective bargaining agreement). Not only has Staff Council hosted 25 annual picnics at Kennywood Park, but it has represented staff on various issues including salary, medical benefits, parking, and vacation throughout the years.

An example of Staff Council's influence occurred in 1994 when it helped ensure that Winter Recess was not cancelled for staff. In October 1994, University administration was considering removal of the winter recess. This meant Pitt faculty and staff would not receive the time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. (The University is closed during this time except for designated offices, and only major responsibility centers and research projects are staffed as necessary during this period.)

That November, the Staff Council hosted a fall assembly with members of upper administration including Provost James Maher, Chancellor J. Dennis O'Connor, Senior Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences Thomas Detre, and Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance Ben Tuchi. Read more in the 11/10/94 University Times.

Staff Council Historical Timeline

2016-Proposed paid parental leave to Human Resources

2015 - Campus Safety Crawl

2014 - Created survey & dialogue to improve SUPRA services

2014 - Honored Chancellor Nordenberg with scholarship for staff children and bench on campus

2009 – Staff Council launched electronic newsletter

2008 – Re-employment policy modified
2006 – Prescription delivery from Falk Pharmacy
2004 – Health benefits provided to domestic partners of staff
2002 – Long-term care insurance offered
2001 – Endowed Book Fund for children of staff established
2000 – Short-term disability went into effect
 Participated in city's largest Adopt-a-Block litter clean-up campaign

1997 – Chancellor Awards for Staff Excellence presented
1995 – Staff Council President was on search committee that eventually named Mark Nordenberg permanent Chancellor

1995 – Leadership Development Process created
1994 – Early retirement plan developed
1993 – Internal benefits extended to domestic partners of staff
1992 – Blood Drive organized, first annual Pitt Pirates Day sponsored
1991 – First annual Pitt Kennywood Day hosted
1989 – Staff Recognition Program created to honor length of service
1986 – Staff Wellness Program developed
1985 – Vanguard pension option made available, library privileges extended to staff's family
1984 – Child Development Center opened
1983 – Staff salary administration program began, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program created
1982 – Pre-retirement planning offered for employees aged 55 and older, with accrued sick leave paid at retirement
1981 – Name changed to University of Pittsburgh Staff Association Council, Staff Council quarterly newsletter published
1980 – Pitt ID cards available for family of staff, name changed to University of Pittsburgh Staff Association
1979 – Employment and Transfer Program created, CPR classes arranged
1977 – Staff surveys distributed and reported, life insurance plan made available
1974 – Disability insurance expanded, tuition benefits increased, staff grievance included in staff handbook
1970 – Advisory Board for Staff Personnel at the University of Pittsburgh established