New Paid Parental Leave Policy

Dated March 29, 2017 -

*Staff Association Council was renamed University of Pittsburgh Staff Council during Summer 2017.

The Staff Association Council fully supports the enhanced benefit of paid parental leave of 4 weeks for qualified University of Pittsburgh staff.  The Staff Association Council has continuously advocated for this change to University administration, in addition to allowing both staff parents to individually  receive up to 12 continuous weeks of FMLA family medical leave. We believe that the change embodies the ideals outlined in the University Strategic Plan, The Plan for Pitt.  Specifically, under Goal 3: Strengthen Communities.

Paid parental leave provides parents with flexibility and time to bond with their children, adjust to their new family situation, and balance their professional obligations, which University of Pittsburgh staff have identified as import factors to both work and life balance. Policies, such as paid parental leave, are crucial for the University of Pittsburgh to achieve diversity, continue excellence and maintain competitiveness in hiring. In a country that does not require paid parental leave, the Staff Association Council is proud that the University of Pittsburgh choose to increase investments in staff through this necessary policy.

The Staff Association Council submitted a thoroughly researched, formal proposal to Human Resources in 2016 about requesting a Paid Parental Leave policy for staff at the University.  Our Staff Relations committee developed the proposal, benchmarking Pitt’s parental leave benefit against other institutions of higher education and local and regional employers.  The proposal was unanimously approved by our membership and then submitted to HR. 

Our proposal was reviewed by the Benefits Department in Human Resources and, with minor adjustments, was approved by Vice Chancellor Cheryl Johnson, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, Senior Vice Chancellor Greg Scott and other University Officers.  The Staff Association Council would like to thank Cheryl Johnson and her team at the Office of Human Resources for their commitment to listening to the staff of the University, as well as the dedicated members of the Staff Council who worked diligently to make the proposal a reality. 

For the Official Letter from Cheryl Johnson click here.

The policy can be found in the Staff Handbook here.